CASA of Missoula

CASA of Missoula is a nonprofit organization serving abused and neglected children in Missoula and Mineral Counties. CASA staff train volunteers to work on behalf of vulnerable children in the court system.

These volunteers interview parents, teachers, foster families, counselors, and the child. With this information, they submit reports to the court advocating what is in the best interest of the child. A CASA’s goal is to find each child a safe and permanent home. Each year CASA of Missoula volunteers help hundreds of children in Missoula and Mineral counties.

Vote To Help CASA of Missoula Train More Advocates to Represent Abused and Neglected Children In Our Community


Missoula Federal Credit Union Members!:

Vote today and every day through June 10th to help CASA of Missoula expand our advocate program.


To celebrate its 60th anniversary, Missoula Federal Credit Union will give $20,000 each to three Missoula nonprofits! Help CASA of Missoula qualify for these funds so our program can train more advocates to be the voice for abused and neglected children.

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Please watch the video and vote for CASA… Read More CASA News

Please watch the Video, and vote for CASA. Missoula Federal Credit Union has nominated CASA of Missoula along with 6 other nonprofits as a potential recipient of $20,000. From May 10th through June 10th,  Credit Union members will have a chance to vote online once a day for the nonprofit they want to win the $20k. more »

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