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Postal mail: CASA of Missoula, Inc. , PO Box 7433 – Missoula, MT 59803
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CASA Volunteer Application

  • Electronic communication through email is necessary and required by the CASA of Missoula program. You will be given a CASA email address upon completion of training.
    Refusal to consent to a complete background check shall be grounds for rejection of an applicant.
  • References

    Please list three reference of individuals who know you well, other than relatives, preferable for whom you have worked in either a paid or volunteer capacity. If you are currently working, either paid or volunteer, please include the name of your supervisor.
  • Applicant Agreement

    By entering your name below, you are electronically agreeing that the information being submitted in this CASA Volunteer Application is truthful and you are the individual listed as the "applicant". CASA of Missoula, Inc. reserves the right to make any checks deemed appropriate to verify the suitability of all CASA volunteer applicants. All information obtained will be held confidential and made available to the applicant upon request.


Upon completion of CASA of Missoula’s pre-service training, advocates are assigned to a case serving an average 1-2 children in Missoula or Mineral County. While fulfilling these responsibilities, the CASA is supervised by professional staff and are afforded the opportunity to work with CASA volunteer mentor.

A Court Appointed Special Advocate’s duties include:

  • Acting as an independent fact-finder by reviewing all relevant records and interviewing the parents, social workers, teachers, therapists, and any others to fully understand the facts and circumstances of the child’s situation.
  • Through a holistic and objective approach, considers the best interest of the child by carefully considering necessary factors in the child’s placement, education, medical and mental health, relationships, and overall well-being.
  • Seeks cooperative resolutions to the child’s situation within the scope of the child’s interest and welfare.
  • Provides written reports on findings and recommendations to the court to assure that all relevant facts are communicated.
  • Appears at court hearings to represent the child’s interests and testifies when required.
  • Monitors the implementation of treatment plans to determine whether services ordered by the court are actually provided in a timely manner and are accomplishing desired goals.
  • Monitors the progress of a case through the court process and advocates for timely hearings.
  • Informs the court promptly if services are not being made available to the child and/or the family. If the family fails to take advantage of such services and if services are not achieving their purpose, the CASA brings this to the court’s attention, as well as any new developments or changes in the child’s circumstances.